Linear motor Products

It includes linear actuator and servo linear motor(electric cylinder). Linear actuator products are widely applied to industrial area and solar tracker area. Electric cylinder products are more suitable for high speed and high precision applications.

Linear actuator applications:

It is normal linear motor. In industrail area, it was appliey to different automatic equipments. In medical feild, it was applied to bed lifting,  door opener, standing desk. For solar tracker, it was widely applied to heavy duty loading linear motion. Linear motor will apply to more widely area in the future.

Electric cylinder applications:

Electric eylinder its’ another name is servo linear actuator. For some high speed and high precision applications, you need customized some electric cylinder products to apply. They can load heavy thing at high speed and high precision, because they use servo motors as their engines.

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Linear actcuator

What’s actuator funcions? If you have this questions, please contact us. We can help you to understand and help you to pick right products for you.

Industrial linear actuator

Medical linear actuator

Electric cylinders

Electric cylinder applications are very useful for automative machines of industrial.

Module electric cylinders

Servo linear motor