What is linear motion and linear motion machines?

Linear motion is a kind of movement on a line. There have few different kind of linear motion machines such as: linear actuators, electric cylinder, linear modules.

Linear actuators:

Low precision, heavy load, low speed, if the applicaions don’t care about precision and speed, you can think about using linear actuators. Normally linear actuators are made of screw lead and gearbox reducer. The controllers for them are not complex.

Electric cylinders:

High precision, heavy load, high speed, if you need these high requirements, you are better to use electric cylinders. Usually electric cylinders are made of ball screw lead and belt sheave transmission. The controlers for them are very complex.

linear modules:

If you need more high precision and high speed, you have to use linear modules. Linear modules are made of  completed belt sheave transmission. The controllers for them are same complex as electric cylinders.

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