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Linear Actuator Solutions for Multiple Purposes

We have one of the largest, most diverse selections of linear actuators in the industry. It includes high speed, industrial, micro and track as well as solar actuator models. Each model has unique capabilities to ensure we will always have a unit for whatever application you have in mind. Our electric linear actuators are used in a variety of industries including simple home automation, marine & automotive automation, industrial automation & equipment, solar trackers, advanced robotics and more.We work tirelessly in order to bring you the best electric linear actuators in the business and we are always striving for innovation in our units. Each one of our units has been quality tested and proven successful by our long list of satisfied customers.

What is a linear actuator?

Precise linear motion is a necessity in various industries. This requirement is fulfilled by using an efficient linear actuator. What is a linear actuator? It is a device that initiates and supports a motion in a straight line. Today, various linear actuators types are used for supporting motion in various industries and applications. These actuators provide accurate motion control by converting rotational motion of a DC motor into linear motion. Jimi-Tech Co. has fulfilled demands of its industrial customers by providing high speed linear actuators. These actuators can be employed in all those applications, where an equipment pulls or pushes a load, lowers or raises a load, rotates or positions a load.

Beneficial Features of Linear Actuators

The following features of our actuators make them popular with our industrial customers:

  • Quality Assurance: We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. This helps us ensure highest quality to our products. All our linear actuation products are designed to offer long term and maintenance-free services.
  • Excellent Mobility: All our linear actuators are fitted with an in-line DC motor that enables smooth linear motion in all situations. These actuators can perform well at high speeds.
  • Lightweight and User-friendly Designs: There is a huge demand for space saver electronic equipment. We help our industrial customers reduce their device footprint by offering them lightweight and compact electric linear actuators.
  • Durability: All our actuation systems feature scratch and wear resistant construction, which makes them ideal for long term use. In addition to that, these actuators have low noise designs, and overload protection. These properties make them popular with our clients in medical and healthcare industry.
  • Easy Integration: The electric linear actuators can be easily integrated into control systems using data bus communication. Our linear motion control systems are clean, energy-efficient, and non-toxic. Also, they fulfill the requirements of environmental friendly equipment.

Services Offered

At Jimi-Tech Co.-as a linear actuator manufacturer, we help our clients to build customized linear actuators through the following services:

  • CAD/CAM Design Services: Our advanced CAD/CAM design center allow us to develop innovative linear actuators that meet expectations of our clients.
  • Prototype Creation Our prototyping services allow us to help our clients identify their design flaws, and speed up their manufacturing process.
  • Product Engineering: Advanced product engineering is a requisite for the success of any organization. The fulfillment of the same has helped us achieve a great success in the recent years.
  • Actuator Manufacturing: The demand for precision manufactured linear actuators is high. Our vast industry experience, and well-equipped facility allows us to provide value effective and performance-oriented linear actuators. All precision linear actuators are made from quality raw materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and mild steel.
  • Warranty Services: We offer 12 month warranty on all our electric linear actuator products. This warranty helps our clients protect their unit from failure, and improve its performance.

What’s electric cylinder function of Jimi-Tech?

Jimi-Tech Cylinder Actuators lift and precisely position up to 20 tons, achieve travel speeds up to 546 inches per minute, and raise loads up to 100 inches. Requiring only electric power, Jimi Electric Cylinders are well suited for  industrial environments where protection of the lifting screw mechanism and dependable operation are critical.

  • Low Maintenance actuator solution.
  • Designed to operate at charted capacities in tension and compression.
  • Parallel Motor mounts with additional gear reduction help you achieve target speeds.
  • Direct Motor mounts increase travel speeds for faster output.
  • Choose catalog models or customize to meet your requirements.
  • Replace hydraulic actuators with this clean alternative.
  • A quieter solution than pneumatic actuators.

How to Size an Electric Cylinder Actuator

Electric Cylinders are sized based on their static thrust capacity, but selection of the best model and configuration of electric cylinder for specific applications requires further consideration.

  1. First consider the mounting orientation and static load. Vertical mounting and operation permit a longer maximum rise (stroke) than horizontal mounting and operation of electric cylinders. For a given thrust capacity, maximum rise values may differ based on the screw type and diameter. Be sure to check Quick Reference pages.

  2. Consider the DYNAMIC load. The speed at which the load will be moved is a limiting factor. Quick reference pages for are arranged from slowest to fastest operation of acme screw (ECA) cylinders and then ballscrew (ECB) cylinders. Scan down the list to the travel speed you need and then check the horsepower requirements to for the load you will be moving.

  3. How frequently will the Electric Cylinder need to move the load? Electric Cylinders with Acme screws (ECA) have a calculated allowable continuous travel that limits duty cycle. Use JAX® to determine this value.

  4. How long will the Electric Cylinder be in service? Electric Cylinders with ballscrews (ECB) have a calculated ball nut life, expressed in inches of travel, which can be used to estimate the life of the unit.  Use JAX® to determine this value.

  5. Joyce/Dayton offers motor controls ranging from simple Motor Starters to complex positioning systems and Custom controls. Every system that is powered by an electric motor requires a control system. At Joyce, we know that choosing the best option can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why our Engineers are available to help you through the process.


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